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Mae’r dudalen hon ar gael yn Saesneg yn unig am nad ydyw wedi'i chyfieithu i'r Gymraeg.

Os ydych o’r farn y dylai cyfieithu’r dudalen hon fod yn flaenoriaeth, cysylltwch â a chopïo cyfeiriad y dudalen yn eich neges.

Cardiff University has a long and established relationship with Bangladesh and is home to a large community of Bangladeshi students from all across the country. Bangladeshi students at Cardiff study a wide range of subjects at all levels: undergraduate, postgraduate and foundation within the University.

The city of Cardiff has a long history of settlement from Bangladesh and has one of the oldest Muslim communities in the UK. Cardiff University has a Centre for the Study of Islam in the UK which strengthens the University’s ties with Muslim communities throughout the city of Cardiff.

Foundation courses

If you have studied through the Bangladesh 12-year school system, you are likely to require completion of a one year International Foundation Programme before entering Cardiff University's undergraduate programmes.

You will be required to obtain a CGPA in the region of 3.5 - 4.0 out of 5.0 from the Bangladesh High School Certificate (HSC). You will also need to achieve excellent scores in subjects related to the International Foundation Programme applied for, with very good scores in all other areas to qualify.

You will also require an IELTS score of 5.5 or equivalent.

Undergraduate courses

Cardiff University usually requires 3 subjects at GCE A-Level. We also accepts applications from students who have studied the International Baccalaureate.

We will also consider applications from students holding an undergraduate degree of two, three or four years’ duration from a reputable Bangladeshi University. As a general guideline, Cardiff University will consider applicants with a CGPA in the region of 3.0 or above, although this will be decided upon by the admissions tutor at the time of application.

We will also consider students who have successfully completed a recognised Foundation Programme and achieved the required grades.

If you have studied the US High School education system your application will also be considered. Please see our USA section for further information on requirements.

Postgraduate taught courses

Cardiff University will consider applicants who have successfully completed a four year bachelor's (honours) degree from a recognised institution in Bangladesh.

We will also consider applicants who have successfully completed a two year master's degree (if this follows on from a two, three or four year bachelor's degree); or a one year master's degree (if this follows on from a three or four year Bachelors degree). Degrees must be from a recognised institution in Bangladesh.

As a general guideline, Cardiff University will consider applicants with a CGPA in the region of 3.0 or above, although this will be decided upon by the admissions tutor at the time of application.

Postgraduate research programmes

There are a number of possible entry routes to postgraduate research programmes at Cardiff University. If your qualification is not listed below, please contact the International Office for further advice and guidance.

Cardiff University will consider applicants who have successfully completed a four year bachelor's (Honours) degree plus a one or two year master's degree from a recognised institution in Bangladesh.

Cardiff University will also consider applicants who have successfully completed a three year bachelor's degree plus a two year master's degree, or a four year bachelor's degree plus a one year master's degree. Degrees must be from a recognised institution in Bangladesh.

In some cases, Cardiff University will consider applicants applying directly from a Bachelors degree, although applicants may be required to complete an Masters programme at Cardiff University prior to embarking upon PhD studies.

English language

A relevant English language qualification is also required — normally a minimum of 6.5 IELTS, however, this may vary from course to course.

If you are unsure of your qualifications or entry requirements please contact the International Office.

Representatives from the International Office visit Bangladesh regularly throughout the year. Details of our next visit will appear here shortly.

For further information regarding our visits please contact us at


IDP Education Bangladesh Pvt Ltd
Assistant Manager: Thomas Gomes - Marketing and Client Relations (UK)

Hamid Tower
4th Floor, Level 5
Gulshan Circle 2
Dhaka 1212

Tel: +88-02-8832861/62

International Educational Counselling Centre (IECC) - Banani

House - 6, Road - 17/A
Block - E, Banani

Tel: +880-2-9860526/+880-2-9886429/+880-1-552632587

London College of Legal Studies

58 Kalabagan 1st Lane
Shahid Abdul Matin Road

Tel: +880-29146797/9145781
Mobile: +880-2-8150432

Emin Guliyev

Shawn Novel

Course Title: LLB, Law
Country: Bangladesh

Year of Graduation: 2004
Current Employer: Self-employed Head of Firm

Shawn started his own firm in Bangladesh after completing his LLB in Cardiff, followed by the Bar Vocational Course in London. Later on he completed his LLM at Cornell and the New York State Bar. Sharing some his fondest memories in Cardiff Law School and his time as a student warden, he claims that Cardiff was where he experienced some of the best years of his life.

As a Student at Cardiff University
How was the LLB? What modules and skills did you pick up?

It was very well structured. In our first year we covered the introductory subjects. I was given a wide range of choices in 2nd and 3rd year. It was amazing! And when I graduated, I remember my professors sitting up on stage cheering for me. And it’s just wonderful that you develop such a nice bond with your lecturers.

Cardiff Law School gave me the confidence to be what I am right now. It all started from there. It was amazing at the end of Law School - I felt like I was on home ground. I’ll be honest, even when I was doing the bar in London, I would go back to Cardiff for the weekend everytime I needed a retreat.

Why did you choose Cardiff? What skills did you gain that equipped you for your current job?

Whilst on UCAS choosing universities, I did my own research from the British Council, and Cardiff was one of the top universities that came up. People talk about all these London-based universities, but with Cardiff I remember along with the brochure, there was a video tape and it showed the entire university and city and I just fell in love with Cardiff. I could picture myself calling that my university. What better place for a young man just about to embark on his new university life?

It seemed so perfect to start that phase of life. I was really young at the point, so I knew if I was going somewhere for three years I really wanted to be in an environment where I would be surrounded by students and where everything around me would have that academic air. It propelled me to study, to work hard and become someone in life.

Life after Graduation
How does your day to day schedule look like –what are your responsibilities as Head of Firm?

I do a lot of client conferencing – which entails a lot of coffee to be honest! As Head of Firm, management is the key. I manage and delegate work and also ensure that my associates are motivated. And then of course I do the final drafts myself – I check the nitty gritty details to make sure that the firm delivers it's best. A lot time does go into client conferences – talking about the facts of the case, updating clients on work you are doing, etc. That’s one of the reasons I think law firms demand such long hours. During the day you’re busy conferencing and checking on the progress of the work and only in the evenings you have time to do the actual work.

What area of law do you specialise in?

The area I specialise in is foreign direct investment; equities finance and corporate law. Because of my understanding of the English, American and Bangladeshi legal systems – it pretty much covers most of the commonwealth countries of the world. There are a lot of cross-border transactions going on and it always helps when I know the different legal systems.

What advice would you give to prospective students?

These are the best years of your life; have a great time while developing your legal mind and Cardiff is THE place for all of that. When I was a student, I actually grew from a boy to a man while in Cardiff. I had to sort out my accommodation, make sure I had a bank account, do my laundry, had to cook, do grocery shopping and then after all of that I would sit down to study.

It’s situated so perfectly in the map of the UK – only two and a half hours from London. It also has the beach in Pontypridd and a brilliant environment for students to study. I used to live in Talybont where I was a student warden for Talybont South in my third year – I loved living there! I would walk along the Taf River and go up to the bridge at 7am in the morning, find a spot and do my work. That helped me focus so much!

I think the experience of student life has a lot to do with finding out who you are and who want to be – Cardiff is going to help you and make sure you find that out in the end. Cardiff is absolutely great in that sense. I remember being in the city centre, and then popping over to Cardiff Bay whenever I felt like it. I also remember rambling, surfing, fencing. In other words, there are tons of opportunities to pursue activities of your liking, whilst learning from some of the best faculties in world. It was just fantastic and perfect to be in Cardiff. I hold Cardiff dear to my heart. It’s been over ten years that I had started my student life in Cardiff and yet every bit of it is very much fresh in my memory.

I just fell in love with Cardiff.

Emin Guliyev

Jawad Quader

Course Title: LLB and PGDL
Country: Bangladesh

Year of Graduation: 2006
Current Employer: Head of Chambers

Distinguishing himself in the legal circle as a lecturer, advocate and Head of Chambers, Jawad is on his way to building a shining career in Bangladesh with the dreams of publishing a book on Land Law in the future. Providing plenty of sound advice to Bangladeshi students, Jawad encourages students to not only focus on the academic side of things, but also the social life throughout University.

As a Student at Cardiff University
Why did you choose Cardiff to do your LLB and PGDL?

Cardiff University is a well reputed and recognised university in Bangladesh and a degree from Cardiff is given value both locally and internationally. The university is well known amongst the judiciary and legal fraternity in Bangladesh. I knew that the quality of the faculty and students at Cardiff University was very high and I wanted to mingle with the best in a competitive environment to be honest. It should also be mentioned for prospective Bangladeshi LLB students that an LLB degree from Cardiff University is a QLD to enter into the then BVC (presently BPTC) under the Bar Council of England and Wales to be a Barrister-at-Law.

Do you think Cardiff equipped you with the necessary skills for your job?

It certainly did. I have benefitted immensely from my education and association with Cardiff University over the years. I have been embedded with a rich understanding about how the law works in England, much of which I have been able to use in my legal practice in Bangladesh.

Non-academic learning from education at Cardiff should not be discounted. I was a Student Warden at the Halls of Residences at Cardiff and worked in various other capacities while I was a student. This gave me invaluable professional experience that I have been able to utilise throughout my career. I have also been privy to the friendship and relationships of various other students and faculties at Cardiff, most of whom are established in their respective fields of practice in their respective countries worldwide.

Tell me a little about your time here. Did you enjoy the degree? Did you learn a lot that was useful to your later work?

I came to Cardiff directly into the 2nd year of my LLB degree. It was a little difficult to adjust with the whole experience at first. Going to study from Bangladesh to a place so far away from home may be a difficult experience for many. The style of study at Cardiff was different from the style we were accustomed to in Bangladesh. However, I acclimatised with the experience which is when I started to enjoy it to the fullest. I was active at my seminars and had a working relationship with my tutors who guided me to making crucial academic and professional decisions during the time. I benefitted from the guidance I received from my Personal Tutor, being Mr. Richard Lewis, to who I will always be grateful. I was involved in the Cardiff University Debating Society and the ISOC (Islamic Society) at some points.

Life after Graduation
You’ve had an exciting career, and now you’re the owner and head of Quader Chambers. What does your job entail now? What are your responsibilities?

After returning from Cardiff in 2007 and having from then on worked as an Associate in a leading law firm for nearly two years, I formed my own law firm named “Quader Chambers”. Quader Chambers is now a full-fledged law firm having a corporate outlook that enables it to provide legal services to clients in a structured, corporate, professional and transparent manner maintaining full paper trail of our services and communications.

To be more specific, a non-exhaustive list of my job duties and responsibilities now are:

  1. To procure legal work and new clients for the firm and to maintain relationships and liaison with existing clients;
  2. To attend meetings with clients and social dinners and events and to maintain liaison with members of the legal community and government officials;
  3. To supervise the management of the firm’s accounts and finances and to supervise the following up of unpaid invoices and professional fees;
  4. To supervise the administration of the firm and to manage its employees, associates and staff.

What are your career goals in the long term?

In the long run, we aim to have an international dimension to our firm. We wish to work more for the government. I personally will work towards publishing a book on Land Law at some point, a dream I have long cherished. I personally also wish to be able to implement all the philosophies and ideas that I founded this firm on.

Do you have any words of wisdom to share with prospective students who are thinking about coming to Cardiff?

There are several things that I want to share. Dealing with homesickness and learning to quickly adapt to your life in Cardiff is very important for anyone going to Cardiff for the first time from Bangladesh. There are various ways to deal with the situation. Your approach should be to tell and ask. A lot of new students from Bangladesh in UK are reticent about asking and letting others know of their problems. I want to tell prospective students that Cardiff University has a number of contact points and systems at the Students’ Union, International Office, Student Wardens at the Halls or Residences, among others, whose job it is to listen to you and help you. Tell them your problem and take as much help and advice that you can get out of them.

Bangladeshi students should note that the academic experience at Cardiff is not as reliant on lectures as it is in Bangladesh. You have to spend more time in the Library reading and teaching yourself and working (very) hard. Maintain a good relationship with all your tutors and know them well. They are in a position to help you in every step of your academic and professional careers. Socialise more and be actively part of some of the various societies and clubs in Cardiff University. They will certainly enrich you in knowledge and association. Also, gain some work experience along the way if you can.

Cardiff University is a well reputed and recognised university in Bangladesh and a degree from Cardiff is given value both locally and internationally.

Student views

If you come to Cardiff there is a wide range of opportunities and lots of events dedicated to international students to showcase any talents you have.

Ali Ishaq, LLB (Law)

Cardiff is simply a vibrant student city - full of life, culture, enjoyment and learning. You are never alone in this city because there is always something for someone.

Faisal Ibne Wali, MBA

Josh Fairweather
Cardiff Contact - Ruth Foster

Hi! I'm Ruth and I have recently been appointed as the Country Manager for Bangladesh.

My role involves guiding and assisting prospective students about applying and preparing to study at Cardiff, working closely with our in-country advisors and partner organisations, as well as catching up with our alumni.

Please get in touch if you have any questions about studying or living in Cardiff, or if I can help in anyway with any advice and guidance. I will also be delighted to arrange to meet with you on one of my forthcoming visits. I hope to hear from you soon.

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