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Cyflwynir y tudalen hwn yn Saesneg am nad yw wedi'i gyfieithu i'r Gymraeg hyd yn hyn.

Os hoffech i’r dudalen hon gael ei chyfieithu fel mater o flaenoriaeth, anfonwch gyfeiriad y dudalen hon at

Bridge student insights

Watson thumbnailWang Chen, Zhuhai, China
I would recommend the Bridge Programme at Cardiff University for anyone who wants to improve their English for studying at university. It teaches you more than how to get the IELTS score you need.

Polina thumbnailPolina Safarova, Rostov-on-Don, Russia
My parents are glad that I’m in Cardiff and not London for my first year of living alone abroad. It is a nice-sized city to get around and it’s safe and relaxed. It is been a great place to get used to studying abroad.

Yorisho thumbnailYoshiro Hikima, Tokyo, Japan
Bridge lets you experience life as a student in a British University. We are full students of the university, so we stay in university accommodation and we can use the libraries and all the university facilities that students on degree programmes have access to.

Sahar Ali, Baghdad Iraq
I like living in Cardiff. It is safe and relaxed here and the people are very friendly. The housing is affordable and the transport is good. It is easy to get to other parts of the UK, and sometimes I go on weekend holidays to other cities, so I have the chance to see a lot of places.

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