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Announcing the Winter 2012 iSolve Winners

Cyflwynir y tudalen hwn yn Saesneg am nad yw wedi'i gyfieithu i'r Gymraeg hyd yn hyn.

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iSolve is a super-hit with our postgraduates, researchers and the business community

Dr Kelly BéruBé with Jan-Philip Meyer and Samuel Woodford of the winning team, Andrew Beale and Abi Carter

This year’s winning team of the iSolve Winter challenge identified a new market for a social game developed by Prof Harry Collins and Dr Robert Evans, School of Social Sciences.

Professor  Harry Collins, School of Social Sciences

"I was most impressed with what our group got out of the iSolve project. They generated a really interesting idea that we would not have thought of and it is an idea that I believe could well attract new users for our Imitation Game software."

Professor Harry Collins, School of Social Sciences

Congratulations to the winning team:

  • Charlotte Seymour, MA Journalism
  • Yongru Wang, MSc Business
  • Satyam Gupta, MSc Computer Science
  • Mengran Zhang, MSc Business
  • Fang-Ming (Zhu) Zhu, MEng Engineering
  • Jan-Philip Meyer, PhD Pharmacy
  • Samuel Woodford, MPhil Architecture

Identifying commercial opportunities for active research conducted at Cardiff University is at the heart of iSolve, a programme developed at the MIT. The programme brings together postgraduates from all kind of disciplines and backgrounds, guided by a business mentor, to work together to explore potential markets, identify new ones and provide the researchers with a report that will help shape the commercial future of their research.

"iSolve is an excellent programme for postgraduates to get some real-life exposure to the commercial side of research”, James W. A. Murray, organiser of the iSolve challenge at Cardiff University.

By doing this, the participants are often exposed to new concepts beyond their own academic disciplines and learn first-hand how academic research and business can be connected.

Want to participate in iSolve?

If you wish to be part of a future iSolve project - as student or researcher, please contact James W. A. Murray at

It was really great fun working with the iSolve group. I made some really good friends, learned a lot related to marketing and business world, which my Computer Science background never gave me this exposure and I-solve really helped me getting this exposure and also helped me developing some potential skills”, Satyam Gupta, MSc Computer Science

The team dynamics was great. We were involved in a really interesting project and the intercultural relations and differences played a big role as you realize that there are often more approaches to solve a problem,” Jan-Philip Meyer, PhD Pharmacy

iSolve is a highly innovative programme, pioneered by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) and only available in the UK at Cardiff and Cambridge universities.

The support as well as the offered presentations were on a high quality level and I am really appreciative that the University offers such an enriching programme for students,” Jan-Philip Meyer, PhD Pharmacy

Abi Carter, Director Forensic  Resources

"iSolve is a win-win situation for the student, mentor, researcher and university. I have written references for two past iSolve candidates who have emailed me to say that they got their jobs based on talking about their iSolve experience during their interview."

Abi Carter, Director Forensic Resources Ltd, past mentor and judge for the Winter 2012 iSolve challenge

iSolve at Cardiff is funded through support from the Welsh Assembly Government and EPSRC

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