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Barn myfyrwyr

Mae rhai o’n myfyrwyr ymchwil yn rhannu eu barn ar fywyd fel myfyriwr ôl-raddedig ym Mhrifysgol Caerdydd.

PG Matthew Allen thumb

PhD student, space enthusiast and avid YouTuber

Matthew Allen, PhD student at the School of Physics and Astronomy, AKA UKAstroNut talks to us about life, space and internet outreach.

PhD student adventurer and budding
TV star

Niall McCann, PhD student at the School of Biosciences and star of 'Biggest & Baddest' - a global wildlife adventure series in search of the world’s largest and most dangerous animals, shares a few stories about his PhD and TV show.

PhD student broadens horizon with a research trip to the USA

Beatrice Berthon, PhD student in Medical Physics, School of Medicine, talks about her 21 day research trip to the USA where she visited Emory University’s Radiation Oncology Department, Velocity Medical Solutions and attended ASTRO’s 55th Annual Meeting in Atlanta, before visiting George Sgouros RTD Lab at John Hopkins University in Baltimore, the Wisconsin Institute for Medical Research and the Memorial Sloane-Kettering Cancer Centre in New York.

Success for PhD students at the School Healthcare Sciences

Two PhD students from the School of Healthcare Sciences have secured lectureships within the School; an impressive achievement. Catherine Dunn and Dominic Roche are excited about the opportunity to continue in the School and tell us a little bit about their experiences as PhD students at Cardiff University.

Combining a PhD with a professional ice hockey career is no easy task

Luke Piggott juggled his PhD studies in cancer stem cell research with being a professional ice hockey player for the Cardiff Devils and topped it off with representing the University in the World University Winter Games.

Public Engagement as a Musical Ethnographer

Sam Murray, Second Year PhD Student at our School of Music, relates how he engages in public engagement to connect with the people he studies.

"Mae cyfeillgarwch a pharodrwydd y staff a myfyrwyr i helpu wir yn amlwg imi."

John Caulfield, Doethuriaeth Gwyddeleg (Cynllunio ac Ieithyddiaeth gymdeithasol)

PG Research Student John Caulfield (thumbnail)

"Bu’r bobl, y ddinas a’r brifysgol oll yn cyfrannu at sicrhau mai dyma amser gorau fy mywyd."

Marisol Vazquez, Doethuriaeth Bioleg Meinwe Cyswllt, Ysgol y Biowyddorau

PG Research Student Marisol Vazquez (thumbnail)