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Neidio at y fwydlen fordwyo


Guidance on advertising

Job Advertising

All posts are advertised on the University’s redeployment website for a minimum of one week. During this period only candidates who are eligible for redeployment may apply and the process only moves to external advertising if redeployment candidates do not apply, or if those who do are unsuitable.

The University advertises in local, national and international press, on various websites and in specialist journals and distribution lists.

The placement of adverts is key in ensuring that you target as many potential applicants as possible and money spent is not necessarily a good indicator of the quantity and quality of applications you will receive. For instance, the University has a particularly good response to its research vacancies when they are advertised on, which, at around £150 per insertion, is very cost-effective.

Advice on placement is available from HR, which is able to call on the expertise of the University’s advertising agency. You may also wish to refer to the Media Guide (below).

Resident Labour Market Test – Grades 6 and above only

In order to comply with the requirements of the Resident labour Market Test, we need to advertise for a period of 4 weeks if it is likely that no suitable worker may be found within the European Economic Area (EEA). Recruiters can advertise for an initial period of 2 weeks, with the option of then extending the advertisement for a further 2 weeks if no suitable applicants from the EEA have applied within this initial advertising period. Where a recruiter anticipates that applicants for the role being advertised are unlikely to be found within the EEA the vacancy can be advertised initially for a period of 4 weeks. Such posts need to be advertised on both the University’s external site and JobCentrePlus.


The University generally no longer advertises in the Western Mail and South Wales Echo. When we do so, a ‘Signpost’ approach is taken. This means that adverts contain the job title, school/directorate, salary, vacancy number and closing date; detailed information on the job is not included. Potential applicants are then invited to apply online.

All advertising in publications which will be solely distributed in Wales must also be placed bilingually, in line with the University’s Welsh Language Policy. You should bear this in mind when estimating potential recruitment costs.

Cardiff University Website Only

All posts are advertised on the Cardiff Jobs page. If you feel that you will have sufficient response from advertising on this site you are not required to advertise anywhere else. You do not need to provide a draft advert if only advertising on the Jobs page.

Tips on Writing an Advert

Your advert should be succinct, appealing and non-discriminatory and should tell the applicant:

  • Where the job is based.
  • Main responsibilities and duties of the job.
  • Qualifications and experience needed to do the job.
  • Any genuine promotional or development prospects.

HR will put the advert into the house style and may edit the advert on the grounds of length and/or effectiveness. This advert will then be forwarded to the University’s advertising agency for typesetting and translation (if appearing in print and/or in a Welsh publication) or uploaded to the relevant websites. If you wish to approve the final version of the advert please tick the relevant box on the requisition form.

Oracle Internal Trade Guidelines for Vacancy Adverts

On receipt of duly authorised recruitment paperwork for a post, HR will arrange the advertisement and confirm to the Recruiter, by email, the cost and details with a request for an Internal Trade requisition to be raised.

Action by School Office / Administrator:

  • Raise a requisition in Oracle selecting HRSHE Recruitment Advertising as the ‘Request Type’.
  • Enter the job number in the description field of the Requisition so that we can match your Purchase Order with the correct vacancy.
  • The Requisition will require authorisation by the appropriate approver in the School/Directorate which will raise an automated Purchase Order to HR.
  • Oracle will automatically send you a reminder to ‘receipt’ the approved Purchase Order. Please receipt the Purchase Order immediately to complete the Internal Trade process. Receipting the Purchase Order is a requirement of the Oracle system.