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Huge student survey delivers action

21 Rhagfyr 2007

One of the most comprehensive surveys by a university of its own students is now producing action to enhance the student experience at Cardiff.

The Project Q study, launched three years ago, is a joint enterprise by the University and the Students’ Union and has enlisted the views of more than 10,.000 undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Students were given the chance to comment on all the activities, events and processes which had affected their time at Cardiff. The study operated in three phases, looking at students’ experiences in applying and arriving at Cardiff, their time actually at the University, and how they fared on leaving.

The results found that overall there is great satisfaction with the Cardiff experience. The study also showed that the University’s world-leading reputation was a key factor in attracting students to the University. This follows a strong showing in this year’s National Student Survey, where Cardiff was ranked first in more subjects than any other UK University

A number of areas for development were identified and are now being acted upon.

Actions following the feedback included:

• Review of the admissions process using Lean management principles

• Enhancements to online enrolment

• Online applications for accommodation and improvements to the arrival process for students new to the University

• Developing social contact between international and UK students

• Enhancing the support for postgraduate students preparing for postgraduate exams

The University’s Academic Standards and Quality Committee will continue to identify actions to be considered by the University on the basis of feedback from Project Q and other student surveys. The Committee is also looking to refine the feedback process to allow more precise evaluation of students in specific parts of the University.

Pro Vice-Chancellor Teresa Rees, who chaired the Project Q Steering Group, said: "We are delighted to be working with the Students’ Union on this important and innovative project. It enables us to take an evidence-based approach to improving the student experience at Cardiff University."

Students’ Union president Jonny Cox said: "Project Q is a brilliant initiative which puts Cardiff University head and shoulders above many other institutions when it comes to researching the experience of their students. This provides both the University and the Students’ Union with invaluable information as to how we can work to improve our students’ experience."