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Business boost for cancer research

28 Mawrth 2008

China cancer research

A pioneering initiative has been launched to bring the most talented Chinese medical scholars to Wales for research into breast and prostate cancers.

The School of Medicine, led by Professor Wen G Jiang, in collaboration with Professor Howard Kynaston in the University Hospital of Wales, has initiated a Chinese Medical Scholarship, in order to attract the most talented Chinese medical scholars. The initiative has been made possible by financial contributions from South Wales businessman Nick Williams – himself a prostate cancer survivor – and the Fong Foundation of Hong Kong.

Mr Williams, owner of The Maltings, a records management and offices centre in East Tyndell Street, Cardiff, said: "This is a fantastic example of international collaboration to help underpin the international-class research being undertaken in Cardiff. China is providing some of the finest young medical scholars in the world and I am delighted to be able to support an ongoing initiative to fund their placements in Wales.

"As a survivor of prostate cancer, this is clearly a subject of great importance to me and I would like to pay particular tribute to the world-class treatment being delivered by Professor Kynaston and his team." China cancer research

The first student to arrive at the Cardiff University School of Medicine is Dr Jin Li, who is involved in a PhD research project in order to find out how a group of molecules control the spread of prostate and breast cancer cells into bone. Also known as bone metastasis, this is a detrimental condition most frequently associated with patients who suffer from prostate cancer and breast cancer. Options for treatment are very limited at the moment. Dr Li is located in the School’s Metastasis and Angiogenesis Research Group led by Professor Jiang, who has a long-standing interest in research into both breast and prostate cancer.

The Fong Foundation was established by Dr Fong Yun-wah, a leading entrepreneur and member of the business community in Hong Kong. Dr Fong annually sets aside a portion of his business profits to support education, social welfare, and charity work. He has contributed significantly towards promoting academic exchange between mainland China, Hong Kong and Western universities, and is an Honorary Fellow of Cardiff University.