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Cardiff - a Sustainable Food City

30 Ebrill 2012

What would it look like? And how would it work?

These are some of the issues that were discussed at the Sustainable Food City Conference held in Cardiff University on 3 April. Bringing together speakers from across the UK, the Conference looked at how Cardiff could implement a Food Charter to build on its rich history. It also considered how to celebrate and promote a vibrant and diverse and sustainable food culture which will fit with Cardiff’s broader aim to become a ‘One Planet City’. Delegates to the conference came from a variety of background linked to promoting good food in the capital city, including grass roots activists, food producers, academics, researchers, food retailers and restaurants.

The Cardiff Food Charter will provide a framework for local food activists, third sector action groups, academics, food businesses and government representatives to hear about what each other are doing and, most importantly, to identify how they can work together in creating a sustainable food system for Cardiff.

Steve Garrett from Sustainable Food Communities Wales, said: "I have been inspired by the success that food charters have had in several places in the UK and abroad, and the high level of interest in creating a more local and sustainable food system in Wales, the time is ripe to press ahead with this in Cardiff."

Access to healthy food for all residents of the City is a priority for the Charter, at the same time as promoting environmental sustainability and helping to build a resilient local economy.

The Cardiff Food Charter will be a way for everyone, individual, businesses and institutions alike to work together in creating a sustainable food city which will contribute to Wales’ policy commitment to being a sustainable nation.

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