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Cyflwynir y tudalen hwn yn Saesneg am nad yw wedi'i gyfieithu i'r Gymraeg hyd yn hyn.

Os hoffech i’r dudalen hon gael ei chyfieithu fel mater o flaenoriaeth, anfonwch gyfeiriad y dudalen hon at

Evaluating the impact of the smoking ban

04 Gorffennaf 2009

The impact of the ban on smoking in enclosed public places in Wales will be evaluated and debated in a seminar at the University, attended by the Deputy Chief Medical Officer for Wales.Women snapping cigarette in half

Dr Jane Wilkinson will introduce the event, which is hosted by The Cardiff Institute of Society Health and Ethics, part of the University’s School of Social Sciences.

Academics from the School will present their latest work into the changes in child exposure to environmental tobacco smoke since the smoking ban in Wales. A range of other speakers will address issues such as public health and wellbeing, the environment, and the social impact of the ban. Future directions for research and policy will also be outlined at the event.

The discussion session at the end of the seminar will be chaired by Dr Simon Murphy, of the School of Social Sciences. Commenting on the Cardiff research presented at the event, Dr Murphy said: "This study has provided important information on a range of effects of the ban. This includes the impact on children’s exposure to second hand smoke in the home and experiences of implementing the ban within the hospitality trade. These results will help to shape policy developments in this area."

Other presentations and reports at the event will be given by speakers from Glyndwr and Bath universities and the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health.

The conference is the eleventh in the Health Challenge Wales: Evidence for Policy Seminar Series, which aims to create a dialogue between academics and policy makers.

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