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Press Releases from 2007

Examining education in Wales since Devolution


A special issue of the Welsh Journal of Education dedicated to the impact of devolution on educational policies in Wales will be officially unveiled at Cardiff University next week.

Recovery from acid rain ‘much slower than expected’


Acid rain was one of the world’s worst pollution problems of the 1970s and 1980s, affecting large areas of upland Britain, as well as Europe and North America.

Indian student wins Cardiff University scholarship on television programme


An Indian student is embarking on a three year degree programme after winning a scholarship to study at Cardiff University as part of a tough televised contest.

International award for violence research


Cardiff University’s Professor Jonathan Shepherd has been recognised with an international prize for crime research for his work on late-night city centre violence

Are snails too slow for their own good?


Snails are not known for their high speed, but like all animals they must move around to find food, mates and suitable places to live.

UK Biobank: world-leading health project recruits in Wales


The people of Cardiff are today (September 13) offered a unique opportunity to take part in a multi-million pound visionary medical project that will help to cure and prevent many life-threatening and painful diseases.

Adapting Wales to new climates


A striking image showing how rising water levels could ultimately flood Cardiff Bay illustrates a Cardiff University conference on the future impact of climate change in Wales.

Cardiff & Vale of Glamorgan Welsh for Adults Centre


Cardiff University is supporting the biggest national campaign ever staged to promote Welsh learning for adults.