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Press Releases from 2009

Delegates united via virtual awards ceremony at Cardiff University


Cardiff University’s Centre for Lifelong Learning has hosted its first virtual awards ceremony as a finale to a training programme run for Legal & General (L&G). The video conference option allowed delegates to attend who would normally have had to miss such an event. Delegates, who completed the ‘Specialist Medical Modules’ training, received certificates at Cardiff University and the Swindon and Hove L&G offices.

£1.57 million for research into learning and memory


A collaborative research project by Cardiff University and the University of Bristol into learning and memory has been given a significant boost with a Programme Grant award of £1.57 million from the Wellcome Trust.

‘Singing brains’ offers epilepsy and schizophrenia clues


Studying the way a person’s brain ‘sings’ could improve our understanding of conditions such as epilepsy and schizophrenia and help develop better treatments, scientists at Cardiff University have discovered.

Blood tests and better communication skills could cut over-prescribing of antibiotics


Improving communications skills and the use of a simple blood test could help cut the growing number of inappropriate prescriptions of antibiotics, a joint Cardiff University trial has discovered.

Royal Society Fellowship award


Professor Graham Hutchings from Cardiff University’s School of Chemistry has been elected a Fellow of the Royal Society (FRS), one of the highest honours in the academic world.

Kerry Katona signs up for Cardiff bipolar study


Television celebrity Kerry Katona is one of the latest bipolar sufferers to volunteer for the world’s largest study into the disorder, run from Cardiff University.

New Centre to target health and well being of children and young people


Children and young people in the UK are set to benefit from a new centre of excellence focused on tackling health issues of most concern to them.

Clinical trials for Shingles drug take an important step forward


A possible new anti-viral drug designated FV-100, which could alleviate the suffering of millions of people with herpes zoster or shingles, has entered the second stage of clinical testing in patients.

University and business partnerships deliver winning innovation


Partnerships between business and Cardiff University delivering highly successful and innovative approaches for companies have been recognised at the 2009 annual Cardiff University Innovation Awards.